Virtual Camps Info & Assistance

Welcome and Overview

The Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and DIversity in Computing and the Maryland Center for Women in Computing are excited to welcome you to our virtual camp. This page is designed to answer any questions you may have as well as provide you information on our virtual camp.

All camps will regularly use the University of Maryland’s ELMS online learning management system. Please see this document on how to create and access your ELMS account. 

All synchronous learning activities will occur through Zoom. Students will acces Zoom through ELMS. Learn more about how to use Zoom in our FAQs.

All campers must complete their Camp Doc forms. CampDocs profiles include:

  • Basic Health Forms
  • Tech Needs Assessment 
  • Online Behavior Agreement
  • Online Waiver

All campers are invited to test camp software during the Tech Needs or Orientation Times for your camp.

Detailed schedule information and download infomation is provided through each camp's ELMS site.

Camp Staff

Summer Teaching Ambassadors

Teaching Ambassadors are selected for the Summer. Students received comprehensive training as well as background checks to lead the camps. Learn more about our summer staff below.

Profile Photo of Andrew Lambeth

Andrew Lambeth

AI4ALL and CompSciConnect Yellow (Session 2)

Andrew is a senior Computer Science student minoring in Education and Human Development. Outside of CS, Andrew's favorite thing to learn about is alternative education models. He hopes to one day be able to use them in a classroom setting! Andrew is leaning towards the education field and becoming a CS teacher of some kind.

Profile Photo of Kian Abdi

Kian Abdi

CompSciConnect Yellow (Session 1), Terp (Session 1), and Terp (Session 2)

Kian is a Junior Computer Science Student at UMD. He began programming at 14 and has been at it ever since. Outside of coding, his favorite hobbies include music production, cooking, and hiking!

Profile Photo of Khushi Bhansali

Khushi Bhansali

CompSciConnect Yellow (Session 1), Terp (Session 1), and Terp (Session 2)

Khushi Bhansali is a rising sophomore majoring in computer science and thinking about minoring in neuroscience! Beyond computer science classes, she’s in the Machine Learning stream in the First Year Research and Innovation program and works to create technology for people with dementia in another research course. She enjoys teaching, research, and can’t wait to combine these aspects to be an ambassador for CompSciConnect Summer Camps!

Profile Photo of Huma Chowdhury

Huma Chowdhury

CompSciConnect Red (Session 1), Red (Session 2), and Yellow (Session 2)

Huma Chowdhury is a rising junior studying computer science at the University of Maryland. Her favorite programming languages are Java and C! For the past four years she has been teaching elementary to high school students in a variety of subjects. She looks forward to being a part of this year's summer Ambassadors!

Profile Photo of Emily Chang

Emily Chang

CompSciConnect Red (Session 1), Red (Session 2), and Yellow (Session 2)

Emily Chang is from North Potomac, MD. She is a rising sophomore at UMD studying Computer Science. She is in the Design, Cultures and Creativity Honors Program, and is a member of the co-ed technology fraternity Kappa Theta Pi on campus. She is very excited to be a teaching ambassador for the Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity this summer, and is looking forward to inspiring young people to pursue fields in Computer Science.

Profile Photo of Esther Zhang

Esther Zhang

CompSciConnect Red (Session 1), Terp (Session 1), and Terp (Session 2)

Esther Zhang is a rising junior at the University of Maryland. She majors in Computer Science and hopes to pursue a minor in Business Analytics. On campus, Esther is the Director of Technology for Kappa Theta Pi- a professional technology fraternity. She is now looking forward to spending this summer working with students attending the Iribe Initiatives's K-12 outreach camps!

Profile Photo of Pauline Comising

Pauline Comising

AI4ALL and CompSciConnect Terp (Session 1) and Terp (Session 2)

Pauline Comising is a junior Computer Science major at UMD excited about the data science applications of programming. Alongside coding, she loves teaching, whether it be through MCWiC tutoring or Gemstone College course TAing. In her free time, she enjoys watching romcoms with her friends, singing, laying in bed, and baking.

Profile Photo of Kate Vo

Kate Vo

CompSciConnect Yellow (Session 1), Red (Session 2), and Yellow (Session 2)

Kate is a rising junior majoring in Information Science and is interested in pursuing UI/UX design. She is currently minoring in General Business and Sustainability. Kate is very excited to be a Summer Teaching Ambassador to teach and meet new faces that are interested in technology. She is also an Outreach Ambassador during the school year and has helped out at events and after-school programs. Besides her involvement with I4C, Kate is an executive officer for UMCP Vietnamese Student Association (VSA). She can't wait to meet everyone online (& hopefully in person in the future)!

Profile Photo of Kaitlyn Won

Kaitlyn Won

Cyber Defense and CompSciConnect Red (Session 1), Terp (Session 1), and Terp (Session 2)

Kaitlyn is a rising junior CS major and ACES(Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students) minor at the university, where she is involved with Bitcamp 2020 as a design organizer and has worked as a TA for CMSC131. In her free time, Kaitlyn is passionate about creating digital art and reading. This is her second summer as a teaching ambassador for MCWIC.

Profile Photo of Neha Shijo

Neha Shijo

Cyber Defense and CompSciConnect Yellow (Session 1), Red (Session 2), and Yellow (Session 2)

Neha is a sophomore who loves Computer Science and getting involved with the community, through MCWIC programs, the ACES Honors College, and organizing both Bitcamp and Technica.

Profile Photo of Nora Blasko

Nora Blasko

Nora will be leading our AI4ALL curriculum. Nora is a Computer Science teacher at Great Mills High School. Nora also is also a CyberPatriot, Computer Club and Girls
Who Code Coach.

To learn more about our full-time staff, click here.

Specific Camp Details

Cyber Defense Training Camp

Monday, July 6, 2020-Friday, July 10, 2020.

A typical camp day is outlined below. You can find the full schedule in ELMS.

  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Directed Instruction and Guided Activities
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM  Lunch Break and Independent Practice
  • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Breakout Sessions and Team Challenges
  • 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM Daily Wrap-up, Presentations, Social Activities, and Guest Speakers

Orientation: July 5th at 3pm

Tech Support Drop-in: July 2nd at 7pm


Monday, July 13th 2020 - Friday July 31st, 2020

  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Directed Instruction and Guided Activities
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM  Lunch Break, Social Activites, and Speakers
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Guided Activities, Breakout Sessions and Team Challenges
  • 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM Social Activities, Panels, Guest Speakers, and Office Hours

Orientation: July 12th, 3pm

Tech Support Drop-in: July 8th, 4pm or July 11, 11am

CompSciConnect (CSC)

CompSciConnect Session 1

Yellow or Red

July 13th- July 24th

Session 1

Orientation Option 1 :

Tech Support Drop-in:

CompSciConnect Session 2

Red or Terp

July 27th- August 7th

CompSciConnect Session 3

Yellow or Terp

August 10th- August 21st




Technical Help & Account Needs FAQ

  1. How do I create an Affiliate Account (Cyber Defense Only)?
    • Activate your account here
    • Please the see the attached document.
  2. How do I create an Associate Account?
  3. What is the difference between affiliate and associate accounts? 
    • Affiliate Accounts are created by our team and are only used by Cyber Defense Campers.
    • Associate Accounts are self-created.
    • Learn more about the difference here.
  4. How do I access ELMS?
    • ELMS can be accessed here.
  5. Do I input the camper's name or my name when signing up for ELMS?
    • Parents/Guardians should input their names when signing up for ELMS. Once added to the system, you can then later change your name to the camper's name.
  6. Is multi-factor authentication needed to login into ELMS?
    • No, multi-factor authentication will not be needed.
  7. What events are optional?
    • All lunch, evening, and social events are encouraged, but optional.
  8. How do I use ELMS?
    • Access each camp under courses.
    • Learn more about ELMS here.
  9. What do I use ELMS for?
    • ELMS will be our integrated learning environment. All camps will have their own ELMS site. All emails, communication, content, Zoom meetings, and interactions will go through ELMS.
  10. What is CampDoc?
    • CampDoc is our camper information management system.
  11. How do I log into and update CampDoc information?
    • Log into CampDoc here.
    • Contact us if you didn’t receive an email to start your account.
  12. What software do I need to download for summer camp?
    • Please view the list of camp software downloads below. Each camp also has a file package in ELMS.
    • Information will be added by July 6th.
  13. Who do I contact if I can't access camp?
  14. What events are optional?
    • All lunch, evening, and social events are encouraged, but optional.