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The Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity in Computing was created in February 2019 with a $1 million gift from Brendan Iribe, University of Maryland alumnus and co-founder of the virtual reality company Oculus. The Initiative aims to increase diversity and foster a stronger environment of inclusion in the university’s Department of Computer Science.

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Mission Statement

Brendan Iribe

The Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity in Computing is committed to making computing a field that includes participation of individuals across the intersections of gender identification, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and disability status. We aim to create a vibrant, inclusive community of students, educators, and researchers coming together to increase the involvement—and success—of underrepresented populations interested in computing.

photo of Brendan Iribe (center) with the 2016 UMD Delegation at the Grace Hopper Celebration
Brendan Iribe (center) with the 2016 UMD Delegation at the Grace Hopper Celebration


Structure and Support

Photo of MCWIC Director Jan Plane Speaking
Jan Plane

Dr. Jandelyn Plane, Director of the Maryland Center for Women in Computing and Principal Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, will lead the Initiative. The new Initiative will serve as an umbrella over MCWIC and will be guided by the Department of Computer Science’s Inclusion and Diversity Committee and a new student advisory board, which will be created this spring. In addition, the Computer Science department; the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS); and the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences will continue to provide support.


To learn more or contact us about the Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity in Computing, please email: inclusion@cs.umd.edu


Student Advisory Board

In partnership with the Department of Computer Science’s Inclusion and Diversity Faculty Committee, the Student Advisory board will assist in helping shape the programs under this initiative, promote diversity and inclusion within the department, and serve as an advocate for all underrepresented populations in computing.

The Student Advisory Board Application is open to undergraduate and graduate students in computer science. Students can serve on the Student Advisory Board up to 3 semesters during their time at UMD.

Student Leaders:


David Lee Turner
Academic Advisor, Department of Computer Science

Victoria A Fitzgerald
Academic Advisor, Department of Computer Science



Profile Photo of Jan Plane

Dr. Jan Plane - Director
Email- jplane@cs.umd.edu

Dr. Jan is the Director of the Iribe Initative for Inclusion and Diversity, Director of the Maryland Center for Women in Computing, and Associate Director of ACES (the first undergraduate cybersecurity honors program). She has been a faculty member in UMD's Computer Science Department since 1990.  For 15 years of those years, she also worked on university computer science capacity building projects in sub-Saharan Africa and Afghanistan. She holds graduate degrees in both computer science and education; her work focuses on computer science education - curriculum development, pedagogical methods and underrepresented populations in computing. She encourages both quality of content and access to computing for students (elementary-school to graduate-school) through teaching, outreach programs and teacher professional development.

Profile Photo of Kate Atchison

Kate Atchison - Assistant Director
Email - katea@cs.umd.edu

Kate is the Assistant Director of the Iribe Initative for Inclusion and Diversity and the Maryland Center for Women in ComputingCenter. She joined UMD in 2016. Previously, she worked at UMBC in the Career Center. Kate received her M.S. in Higher Education Administration from Florida State University and her B.A. in Communication from the University of Tennessee. Kate oversees the corporate  and community partnernships, NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Maryland Affiiiate, Tech + Research, professional conference travel, and strategic planning efforts around inclusion and diversity in computing. 

Profile Photo of Amy Andrade

Amy Andrade - Coordinator for Retention
Email - andradea@cs.umd.edu

Amy is the Coordinator for Retention for the Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity in Computing. She joined the University of Maryland, College Park community in 2017 as a Graduate Assistant Resident Director within the Department of Fraternity & Sorority Life. Amy received her M.A. in Higher Education from UMD and her B.S. in Criminal Justice from The College of New Jersey. Amy works to support our undergraduate and graduate student populations.

Profile Photo of Morgan Lanahan

Morgan Lanahan - Coordinator for Outreach
Email - mlanahan@cs.umd.edu

Morgan is the Coordinator for Outreach for the Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity in Computing Previously, she worked at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point as the Hall Director for TRIO Upward Bound, before joining UMD in 2017 as the Graduate Assistant for Community and Social Programming in Graduate Student Life. Morgan received her M.Ed. in Higher Education-Student Affairs from University of Maryland-College Park and her B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from St. Norbert College in Wisconsin. Morgan engages with K-12 student populations in the surrounding community.

Profile Photo of Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown - Graduate Assistant
Email - jmbrown2@cs.umd.edu

Jessica Brown is a second-year School Counseling student in the Department of Education. In 2018, she received a BA in Psychology with a minor in Human Development from the University of Maryland, College Park. While finishing her bachelor's degree at the University, Jessica worked as a crisis intervention and domestic violence hotline specialist with Community Crisis Services Inc. Jessica assists with coordinating camp logistics and supports outreach management, ambassador leadership, and data analysis for MCWIC. She also supports our inclusion training efforts and engagement through the Iribe Initiative.

Undergraduate Student Staff

  • Utsa Santhosh (Primary Student Worker)
  • Elana Katzen (Primary Student Researcher)

MCWIC Ambassadors

Teaching Ambassadors are selected for the Summer and the academic year. View more about this program here.

Fall 2019

  • Leya​ ​Abraham
  • Annie​ ​Bao
  • Brooke Conley
  • Divya​ ​Gupta
  • Jessica​ ​Ha Le
  • Ashna​ ​Mehrotra
  • Krithika​ ​Ramanathan
  • ​Pauline Tanwin​
  • Tiffany​ ​Tran
  • Rache​l Walter
  • Jazlynn Brooks
  • Andrew Lambeth
  • Nicole Lenhoff
  • Amanda Ma
  • Ananya Ramkumar
  • Selena Alvarado

Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity in Computing Tutors

Fall 2019

  • Allison​ ​Buller
  • Allison​ ​Wei
  • Anna Carandang
  • Annie​ ​Lu
  • Catherine Master
  • Hannah Rosen
  • Hanna​h Locraft
  • Jacqueline​ ​Deprey
  • Joseph Johnson
  • Maya​ ​Chudamani
  • Megha​ ​Guggari
  • Remi Choi
  • Xinyao​ ​Chen


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