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Date:  October 14-October 16

Location:  Hybrid (Virtual and In-Person) 



The Department of Computer Science at the University of Maryland and the Center for Women in Computing are pleased to present the fifth year of Tech + Research: Welcoming Women to Computing Research, a research workshop geared towards engaging undergraduate women in computing held in collaboration with Technica. During this workshop, student teams will come together and collaboratively work together to use technology to solve pressing issues. 

Technica and Tech + Research will be a hybrid experience in 2022!

Parallel to Technica, the largest hackathon for underrepresented genders in the nation, students will participate in the Research track at Technica. The weekend event will bring together computing faculty from institutions across the state of Maryland to serve as mentors on projects in their research areas. Along with providing hands-on research experience in a dynamic hackathon setting, the weekend workshop will include virtual sessions introducing attendees to the basics of computer science research (CSR) and highlighting the exciting opportunities that come with pursuing a graduate degree in computer science.

Note: Please be aware that this event involves separate programming from Technica, and the majority of the programming will take place with the Maryland Center for Women in Computing. However, you will have full access to Technica including the Career Fair and Keynote Speakers.




This workshop hopes to give undergraduate CS students who identify as an underrepresented gender in computing an opportunity to learn about future computer science research opportunities and to provide hands-on experience engaging in CS research in a hackathon setting. Additionally, we plan for this event to allow students to meet computing faculty and current graduate students and to socialize and collaborate with like-minded peers. By providing a positive intellectual, social, and emotional environment for the participants to meaningfully engage in computing research, we hope to directly address gender gaps that currently exists in CS departments in higher education.

Attendees of this event will not only be expanding their CS skills, they will also be given the opportunity to meet and network with many individuals who are a part of the CS community at the University of Maryland.

Workshop participants will:

  • Meet others who share their curiosity and interest in computer science.
  • Explore the research experience in computing related domains.
  • Work hands-on with researchers.
  • Work in a team to tackle a research problem.
  • Present their research with their team.
  • Broaden understanding of the possibilities of graduate school and the application process.

Surrounding area schools and departments were invited to submit research projects. Projects from the following departments have been submitted in previous Tech + Research workshops:

University of Maryland, College Park

  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering
  • College of Information Systems
  • College of Education


Schedule of Events

Thursday 10/13/2022 Location
7:00pm-8:00pm Student Kick-off and Introductions Virtual
Friday 10/14/2022 Location
10:00am-12:00pm Bootcamp #1 Hybrid (Zoom & In-Person)
12:00pm-12:45pm Lunch Hybrid (Zoom & In-Person) - Optional
12:45pm-1:00pm Graduate Student Panel Hybrid (Zoom & In-Person)
1:00pm-3:00pm Bootcamp #2 Hybrid (Zoom & In-Person)
3:00pm-3:30pm Break Hybrid (Zoom & In-Person) - Optional
3:30pm-5:30pm Project Work Time Hybrid (Zoom & In-Person)



10/15/2022 Location
    The Iribe Center, The Hotel, & Zoom



10/16/2022 Location

Register to Attend

Who Can Attend?

We welcome all undergraduates who identify as underrepresented genders in computing and who are from all colleges and universities to apply. Current Master's students considering a PhD program may apply and will be considered on a case by case basis. 

Registration Process and Fees

Participants will either experience this workshop remotely through the Zoom virtual platform or in-person.

Depending on how students choose to attend the workshop (virtual or in-person), all gear (water bottle, pens, stickers) will be either shipped to your personal address or distributed to you in-person. Students attending virtually will be responsible for their own meals but are welcome to share the lunch space via Zoom. Lunch will be provided to students who are able to attend in-person.


Register for the Tech + Research Workshop by filling out the following form:


Register for Technica here:


Participant Information

Logistical Information for Attendees

Tech Requirements and Access

More information coming soon.

General Information

All students participating in the research workshop must join the Zoom meeting by 10am on Friday morning. We have an important bootcamp event to prepare you for the research projects. If you cannot make it by this time, you need to let us know immediately.

You will not be working on your own idea or hack during Technica. During Technica, you will be working with your research team on a specific project you selected as an interest.

You will be assigned your research group the week before Technica. Each team will have their own Slack channel to communicate. Researchers may send out a small amount of pre-reading to help you prepare for the project.

During Technica, projects will either be fully virtual or fully in-person. No project will run as a hybrid project.

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About Technica

On October 15th-16th, the University of Maryland will host Technica, the eighth annual hackathon. Technica is the largest hackathon for underrepresented genders in the world. In the span of 24 hours, Technica gives our participants the opportunity to create new applications, websites or hardware projects.

Technica is not a typical hackathon—it serves as a place where the brightest thinkers in the country can come together to collaborate and share their innovative ideas. Our focus is on providing a welcoming, engaging and creative environment to support underrepresented genders in tech culture. We pride ourselves in helping both beginners and experienced hackers explore technology and develop their skills.

Over the duration of 24 hours, participants are immersed in tech culture and encouraged to exercise their imagination to create interesting and innovative hacks.


At Technica, we want to challenge our hackers to step out of their comfort zone and try something new, whether that's exploring a new technology, tinkering with hardware hacks, or coding for the very first time! This year we're introducing our beginners and hardware tracks, designed for hackers looking for extra support or interested in trying their hand at electronics. At Technica, we want our hackers to learn, grow, and meet new people, so join us at Technica 2022!

Technica 2022's theme is “Reach New Heights!” This year, we want to help all of our hackers rise to the next level of their journey through tech, whether that means tackling challenging new projects or writing your first line of code. We encourage you to be open-minded, be curious, and find your space in tech! Whether we serve as a push in the right direction, or as a place for you to explore your curiosities, we hope that you are able to #ReachNewHeights! Explore your untapped potential — the sky is the limit at Technica!


All participants attending Tech + Research must also register for Technica. Register here.


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