The Maryland Center for Women in Computing and the Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity in Computing provide a variety of learning, leadership, and social experiences for current undergraduate students majoring in computer science. 

Current Student Programming


Virtual Tutoring- Fall 2020
1:1 Tutoring and Guided Study Sessions (GSS) will be offered online for Fall 2020.
Tutoring is open to all students currently enrolled in CMSC 131, 132, 216, 250, 330, 351.
Tutors offer support on general concepts, practice problems, and theories in the computer science intro classes for ALL students. Tutors do not offer support on specific project or homework questions.
To register for 1:1 tutoring, please complete this form: 
The form will give you access to a Calendly Calendar to sign-up for 1:1 appointments and GSS. Tutors will provide a virtual Zoom link for remote tutoring.

Peer & Alumni Mentoring Program

The revamped I4C Peer and Alumni Mentoring Program will facilitate community building, support academic success, and provide professional development for all students in computing at the University of Maryland. The program will foster peer-to-peer connections within the Department of Computer Science as well as involvement in the larger University of Maryland community while using a new TERRAPINS CONNECT platform. 

The Peer Mentoring Program includes:
- Acceptance to the I4C Peer Mentoring Group in Terrapins Connect
- 1 on 1 mentor/mentee virtual relationships
- Monthly Technical Workshops & Social Events
- Resources on professional, social, and academic virtual events
-Opportunity to engage 1:1 with Corporate Partners and Alumni through Terrapins Connect

If you are intrested in participating in the program, sign up here:

Final consideration for participation is September 24th

Diversity Conference Scholarships

The Iribe Initiative for Inclusion & Diversity in Computing offers scholarships to attend the following conferences: 

Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing  CLOSED

Grace Hooper Celebration  CLOSED

Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans

Hispanic Professional Engineers



Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

NOTE: Some conferences have gone virtual this year. All scholarships are contingent upon UMD allowing classes and travel in Fall 2020. No decisions about application status will be made until UMD Fall 2020 class plans are confirmed.

Aside from scholarships provided by the Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity (applications open in the spring semester), the Department of Computer Science has professional development funds available to UMD students interested in traveling to conferences, workshops, hackathons, and other professional development events. Applications are typically reviewed within two weeks of submission.
To apply, you must: Complete this form:
You will need to provide a faculty reference (via the form) and submit a current resume and transcript.

Teaching Ambassadors

Each year undergraduate students are selected to be Ambassadors. Through this program, students receive training on best practices for teaching and content. They then apply these skills to go into CompSciConnect, weekend, and after-school programs to teach others computing. Through this experience, Ambassadors create a community between themselves and support each other while teaching the next generation of computer scientists. Applications for this program are typically open in August, January (if needed), and March.
Spring 2020 Applications have closed. 

Inclusion Speaker Series

While we have a very diverse student body in the Department of Computer Science, our faculty members are just beginning to match it in terms of diversity. Very often our students do not see professors who look like them-- or are different from them--giving academic or other technical talks. While we firmly believe that our current faculty members teach, research, and operate with fairness and inclusion in mind, we also understand that representation is of utmost importance. We take the words of education activist Marian Wright Edelman very seriously: “You cannot be what you cannot see.” Whether it is a position as a professor, a CTO, a software developer, or a cofounder of a startup, it is important for our students to see themselves in the speakers we introduce to them. Conversely, it is equally important for students to see people who look different from themselves in positions of authority as professors and technical experts in order to challenge perceived stereotypes and to ultimately encourage inclusive behavior.
Founded by Fredrika Salley and Dr. B.K. Adams in September 2018, the Inclusion Speaker Series brings in faculty members and researchers to give technical talks about all areas of computing.
Dates for Spring 2020 Speakers will be posted in January

Professional Development Series

Each semester the Center provides professional development opportunities for our students.  Events can range from insightful talks by industry leaders or faculty from other universities or panels and round-table discussions. The topics range from interview processes, graduate school preparation, adjusting to the work force, creating work-life balance, or finding a mentor.   Most events require an RSVP.  For upcoming events see our calendar. 

Grace Hopper Celebration

Professional Development

DICE (Diversity & Inclusion in Computing Education) Lounge

The DICE lounge is a community space on the 1st floor of the The Brendan Iribe Center for Computing Science and Engineering (1104) for students in computing to meet, study, and connect. The DICE Lounge is open Monday - Friday from 8am-6pm.
After hours access can be granted on a case by case basis by completing this form: 
Before putting in a request, please check the DICE Lounge calendar for availability: 

Penthouse Sweets

Penthouse Sweets are geared toward bringing students, faculty, and staff of similar identities together in an informal setting - with dessert! These events are a time to get together, share advice, and build relationships. All Penthouse Sweets will take place on the IRB Rooftop.
Students of Color
February 6th - 3pm
International Students
March 11th - 4pm
April 14th - 3pm

Support of Student Organizations

Student organizations that have a mission and purpose related to diversity and inclusion are supported through the Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity in Computing. If your organization can be classified as such, please email for next steps.
Please find the CS Student Organization Resource Document here
Student Organizations supported through the Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity in Computing:

Community Building

AWC General Body Meetings