About Sathvika
photo of Sathvika Sangoju

Sathvika Sangoju (she/her)

Computer science Major
General Business Minor

Campus-related Activities:

Association for Women in Computing, Alpha Sigma Kappa

What is your favorite class you've taken?

CMSC351: Algorithms

What is your favorite internship/work experience to date?

Cybersecurity Software Engineering Intern, Capital One (Sprinternship)

What is your favorite piece of career advice?

I have two that I deeply resonate with: 1) "There is no mistake you can make that cannot be corrected, keep asking questions, get that experience and learn from it all." - Erin Madden, Director of Academic Partnerships & Programs, Capital One 2) "Everybody has a little bit of imposter syndrome, if you don’t feel like you are challenging yourself, this isn’t the place for you." - Marc Zapf, Lead Software Engineer, Capital One

Which I4C programs have you participated in?

Sprinternship, Guild, I4C Ambassador